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Jamison Studio Art Gallery

I believe in being honest about my materials: clay is earth; steel is metal. I don't hide my work. The materials are the scaffold for my imagination, which becomes reality with earth and metal.


The human figure is endlessly fascinating and beautiful in all it’s forms and incarnations. I continually try to capture a fleeting moment of humanity in all my work - moments of peace, longing, love, triumph, or solitude that we can recognize in ourselves.


Nature is source everything we know. My goal is to strip a thing down to its essence, and to rebuild it in a new material. I strive to capture not only what makes a thing familiar, but what makes it alien. I want the viewer to see something that is recognizable in a new way.



Custom artwork can be a personal expression of something you’ve experienced; a way to remember a significant person in your life; or simply something beautiful that drew you in and calls to your heart and soul. Finding a piece of art that is just the right piece can be a challenge.

“Custom artwork represents the most rewarding and challenging work I do. I work closely with my clients in order to create artwork that captures not only an image, but a feeling as well. It’s not just artwork, it’s your artwork.”

Having been commissioned by clients from all over the United States, here are a few of Jamison’s custom art pieces.

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