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Jamison Studios Art Gallery

I believe in being honest about my materials: clay is earth; steel is metal. I don't hide my work. The materials are the scaffold for my imagination, which becomes reality with earth and metal.

Indoor Sculpture

Mixed media & stoneware Sculpture

Each ceramic and stoneware sculpture is hand-built, glazed and kiln-fired. Mixed media sculpture can include other materials like steel or copper (as was used for Tree Nymph). The vision for each piece is meant to inspire a feeling of emotion and beauty at every angle.

Outdoor Sculpture

Mixed media & steel sculpture

Outdoor sculptures created by Jamison are each custom and uniquely designed. They can include hand-formed, glazed and kiln-fired stoneware; steel that is heated, bent and welded; as well as other materials. Sculptures are created as interpretations of figures of the natural world to beautifully abstract visions. 

Wall Art


Jamison's wall art can take many forms, from pencil or charcoal drawings or acrylic pain on canvas to steel rod sculpture-type wall art. Each art piece speaks to the materials and gives in to the ornate beauty of the object it portrays.

Custom Art Portfolio

Sculpture | wall art | acrylic painting

Art pieces can be a personal expression of something you’ve experienced; a way to remember a significant person in your life; or simply something beautiful that drew you in and calls to your heart and soul. Finding an piece of art that is just the right piece can be a challenge.

Jamison from Jamison Studios in Neenah regularly is commissioned to create a custom art piece, specifically designed and created through exploratory discussions and meetings with customers looking for something very special.

Jamison has been commissioned by customers from all over the United States. Here are a few of Jamison’s commissioned art pieces.

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